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Popcorn Ceiling Removal Services Boston

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Did you also fell for the popcorn ceiling trend that was so popular back in the day? If yes, you are probably one of those property owners today who are seeking to remove these popcorn ceilings. While these popcorn ceilings have served a purpose, it is slowly becoming less trendy. With that, many homeowners are seeking to take off these popcorn ceilings.

Removing the popcorn ceiling is quite challenging. Because of that, most property owners prefer to seek help from professionals. One of the most in demand sector is the Boston painting services. It is very usual for these local painting companies to offer popcorn ceiling removal services. So, if you need help in taking off your popcorn ceilings, don’t think twice about reaching out to these painting companies in Boston.

Removal of popcorn ceilings would require a good amount of work. And in that sense, most property owners are better off by hiring a painting company in Boston as they provide convenience. Additionally, since these Boston painting companies have had enough experience, they can also ensure a reasonable time completion. Moreover, most of these popcorn ceilings would contain asbestos, which can be harmful. But these companies can ensure ultimate safety.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal Process

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We are one of those painting companies in Boston that offer popcorn ceiling removal services. Each Boston painting company may have different set of procedures that they follow. So here at The Painting Company Of Boston, we also have a unique set of processes.

We begin the work process by removing all the furniture in the room. As much as possible, we take off everything, including light switches even. Through this, we can prevent more dirt from further accumulating. In case there are things that can’t be moved, we cover them instead. And that includes the floors. Next we start with the process of removing the ceiling by wetting it and scraping it off. To make sure that we are not making so much mess, we see to it to bag the debris as we do the removal process. After all the popcorn ceiling has been taken off, the ceiling may look uneven. To fix it, we fill and patch gaps to smoothen the surface.

Every painting company in Boston may have unique set of processes. So if you are looking for a local painting company to work with, look for a company that matches your style and your preferences.

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